Deutschen Pfest 2019

Come see TayRae at Deutschen Pfest, May 17-19 at at Pfluger Park (515 City Park Rd in Pflugerville).

We’ve got some new items that Taylor has made, so come check us out!

Pflugerville Pfall Pfest

Come get your Christmas shopping done – Come see us today at the Pflugerville Rec Center from 9a-4p.

BCS Fall Festival

Thank you for coming to see us at the Brentwood Christian School (BCS) Fall Festival today.  What wonderful weather!!!

Thank you to all of the wonderful people at BCS that put so much time and effort into this event.  It truly is a wonderful and fun day.  Thank you to all the parents that volunteer to make it happen.

Thanks to all the teachers, students and parents that stopped by the booth – we’ll definitely be back next year …

Pflugerville Chili Pfest

Thank you for coming to see us at Chili Pfest.  It was a little cool, but so thankful for not having rain.

Thank you to the wonderful team that put on the event – it was an awesome day!


And thanks to everyone that stopped by the booth – we hope to see you again soon…